The Artmother

Alexandra Gábor

Welcome to my little world! My name is Alexandra Gábor, I am a passionate artist, a happy mother and an enthusiastic teacher - in short The Artmother. I am based in Slovakia, in eastern Europe and I am currently at home with my two little children - a 3 year old little girl, Lili and a 1 year old little boy, Nimrod - and deeply diving in a freelance career and juggling with time :D

I have experience in many different fields of art. I am mostly painting with acrylics, but I also create watercolour illustrations, digital illustrations and textile designs. I have years of experience in graphic design and photography. My artworks were displayed in several Art shows and exhibitions and my designs appear on variety of products. You can check them out in my portfolio.

I am a professional art teacher – I’ve got my Master’s degree in Art Education and started teaching in 2010. I have taught children of every age and also adults. I also studied Art Therapy in Budapest and I also work as a Teacher Trainer in an EU Funded educational program, where I try to teach teachers to teach creatively and to implement ART into their teaching practice. I had spoken also on international conferences about these topics and currently writing a book on “How to Teach Art.”

As I am a teacher by profession and heart, I love to share my knowledge, therefore I have created several online courses for beginners in drawing, painting and photography and I am constantly producing them .
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I also run a support group for beginner watercolorists on Facebook.
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