Artist statement

In my artwork I mostly use a limited color palette to create color harmonies and black to keep a balanced contrast. I love to use vibrant colors, which make my artwork pop and to implement gold accents to add a softened and elegant look. Characteristic of my work is the usage of decorative elements and folk motives. The topics of my paintings wander around one main subject which makes them light, decorative and entertaining.


Within my illustrations you can find anything from magical creatures to trending topics. The creation process includes traditional techniques, high quality digital work, vector graphics and typography.

These illustrations can accompany your editorials: magazines, articles, blog posts, ad campaigns, picture books, you name it! Wanna collaborate? Feel free to contact me!

Product Design

Most of my illustrations go through a high quality digital process so that they can be applied to a vide variety of products – T-Shirts, mugs, wall tapestries, totebags, iPhone cases and more. I usually create a pattern design from them to expand the opportunities within each illustration. Would you like me to make a design for you? Don’t hesitate to write me a message!

Acrylic Painting

My artistic expressions are formulated in my unique acrylic paintings. They are mostly available only as artprints, as originals stay in personal collections. Sometimes there are paintings available for purchase. They will be showcased on my social media channels. I am open to comissions. If you would love to see a painting from me in your interior, let’s talk about the details!


I am dedicated to spread the love for art! I have prepared 90- 180 min workshops for beginners in drawing and watercolor painting.

Live Events

As a teacher trainer I would love teachers to use Art in their teaching practice to make their lessons and subjects more enjoyable and fun. I have a whole methodology and theory behind this which will be formulated in a book soon. I have spoken on international conferences for teachers about this topic and I would love to offer here a teacher training workshop which includes a 45 minute lecture and a 45 min hands on workshop on the topics: „How to Teach Art“ and „Collaborative Art Projects – Learn to Implement Art into Any Subject“

Are you organizing a festival, conference, training, teambuilding event? I would be honored if you would invite me to be your speaker!